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1]: it extends it with a new crawl, which also includes well known Slovene Web domains from other top-level domains, and introduces a new pipeline for corpus collection and cleaning, resulting in a corpus of 1.
These anti-partisans were attempting to keep their nation from falling into communism, to keep the Catholic Church and the traditional Slovene government in place.
The show, "Zabeljeno po amerisko" ("Seasoned by Americans") followed the chefs as they zigzagged through the Slovenian landscape, meeting farmers, other chefs, artisans and lots of hungry people, during which time they truly won over the Slovenes one dish at a time.
It influenced the development of interpretation, encouraged composers and determined the stylistic orientation of Slovene folk music and church hymn-books at the beginning of the second half of the eighteenth century--something which can also be seen from the melodic simplicity of the music of this time.
Boris Pintar, a Slovene writer, is the author of a novel Don't Kill Anyone.
The biggest influence on the Slovene economy in 2010, however, will be the ability of Slovenia's export markets, notably Germany, to recover quickly from the recession.
For a more lively day out, the Slovene capital of Ljubljana has a friendly, close-knit feel, despite being a university city with a population of more than 275,000, including thousands of students.
In addition to contributing a great number of articles to scholarly papers, he authored and edited many books, including The Structure and History of Slovene Language; A Bibliographical Guide to the Literature on Slavic Civilizations; and Slovene, The Eastern Alpine Slavs and their Cultural Heritage.
It suffices to have a closer look at the last three authors from the list only, to detect how versatile Slovene poetic production really is.
Since Slovenia is about the size of New Jersey (with about one quarter of the population), to many Slovenes the U.
Support also exists among Slovenia's religious elite, the Slovene Bishops, who have also voted in favor of NATO membership.