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SPERPSlow AV (Atrioventricular) Nodal Pathway Effective Refractory Period
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The P-R interval is frequently prolonged as a result of slow AV conduction.
However, it also occurs as a result of drugs that slow AV node conduction (beta blockers or calcium channel blockers) or in persons with intrinsic AV nodal disease, myocarditis, acute inferior myocardial infarction or ischemia, and after cardiac surgery (Sauer, 2013).
EPT performed, right femoral vein was punctured to introduce and ablation catheter into the area of slow AV nodal pathway (targeted electrode temperature 50-55[degrees] C, power output 25 W, electrode impedance 100-110 Ohm).
The very long P-R interval before the last QRS of each Wenckebach sequence presumably is due to the electrical impulses traveling down the slow AV nodal pathway.
If unsuccessful, intravenous adenosine or verapamil hydrochloride may be given to slow AV conduction.