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This kind of slow wave structure is shown in Figure 1, which is evolved from the original serpentine FWG-SWS, and combined with the advantages of the traditional FWG-SWS, ^-plane loaded FWGSWS and H-plane loaded FWG-SWS.
The loss material was inserted in the cavities of the TWT with varying depth up to a distance of ~12 mm almost ~1/3 of the total length of the slow wave structure.
For the convenience in the MEMS fabrication and process, a relatively short sever ~ 1/10 of the slow wave structure length was also designed.
Figure 6(a) shows the output power versus sever position in the TWT slow wave structure.
Over the first few periods of the slow wave structure, the beam-wave interaction results in a reasonable wave amplification/gain; however, the optimized sever efficiently suppresses this forward growing wave (shown in red circle) and at the same time reduces reflections.