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SMAKStedelijk Museum Voor Actuele Kunst (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art; Ghent, Belgium)
SMAKSuchmaschinen Marketing Analyse Kit (German: Search Engine Marketing Analysis Kit)
SMAKShore Mount Accessory Kit (USMC)
SMAKSingle Mothers Association of Kenya
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Shortly after Sons beek 9, Hoer sent me on one more mission: a one-week stay in Rome with Jannis Kounellis and his family--despite the fact that I didn't speak Greek or Italian, and Kounellis didn't speak any of the languages 1 knew--in preparation for a catalogue that was to accom-pany the artist's solo show at SMAK in 2002.
Representing Norway at the Master Bartender Awards was the multi-talented, Swedish-born Erik Jonsson from Smak av Oro Restaurant in Oslo.
Smak og tekstur pa krakebollegonader: Forholdet mellom biokjemisk sammensetning og produktkvailtet.
Turesten Nanzi tabata grawata na su smak e luganan ku e ta mustra.
Mr Doroshenko has worked at the Stedlijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst ( SMAK, Ghent, the Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee; the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, and the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, among others.
SMAK, the lifestyle exhibition of home furnishings by Sweden's taste- makers, will open to the public Thursday through to Oct.
Competition aside, many speakers including Zimbabwe's Minister of Agriculture, Mr Denis Norman, and the Director of the Southern African Transport and Communications Commission (SATCC), Mr Smak Kaombwe, emphasized the need to improve the communications networks of the entire region.
The Last North expedition was sponsored by DeLorme and Mountain Safety Research with major support from Microsoft Windows, Granite Gear, Wigwam, Yaktrax, Stanley, and SMAK Strategies.
smak sy toe sy weer bo uitkom, 'n man met 'n baard soen darem maar lekkerrrr