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SCUSanta Clara University
SCUSouthern Cross University (New South Wales, Australia)
SCUSacra Corona Unita (Italian: United Sacred Crown; criminal organization)
SCUStroke Care Unit (various locations)
SCUShift Control Unit
SCUShelf Control Unit
SCUSingle Channel Unit
SCUScript Creation Utility
SCUScott Credit Union (Collinsville, IL)
SCUService Class User (DICOM terminology)
SCUSpecial Care Unit
SCUSouthern California University of Health Sciences (Whittier, California)
SCUSystem Configuration Utility
SCUSystem Control Unit
SCUSummerland Credit Union (Australia)
SCUSerious Crimes Unit
SCUSteinbach Credit Union (Canada)
SCUService and Cooling Umbilical (US NASA)
SCUSignal Conditioning Unit
SCUSupreme Council of Universities
SCUSupport Collection Unit (Child Support Collection Agency)
SCUSulphur Coated Urea
SCUSystem Controller Unit (Hekimian)
SCUSurface Control Unit (Sub-Atlantic Products)
SCUSelector Control Unit
SCUSmall Combat Unit
SCUSwitch Control Unit
SCUSensor Control Unit
SCUSurface Command Unit
SCUSociedad Colombiana de Urologia
SCUSurgical Care Unit (various locations)
SCUSpecial Confinement Unit (Federal Correctional Complex; Indiana)
SCUSenatus Consultum Ultimum (Latin: Final Decree of the Senate; Martial Law)
SCUSantiago, Cuba - Santiago-Antonio Maceo Cuba (Airport Code)
SCUSculpins (FAO species name code)
SCUStation Control Unit (website)
SCUSpacecraft Control Unit
SCUSony Central Labor Union (Japan)
SCUSequence Control Unit
SCUSociedad de Cirugía del Uruguay
SCUStone Cold University :-)
SCUSembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd
SCUSingle-Channel Unit
SCUScottish Cricket Union
SCUShelf Controller Unit (Hekimian)
SCUService Channel Unit
SCUSupplemental Control Unit
SCUSatellite Communications Unit
SCUSoldier Control Unit
SCUSoftware Capability Upgrade
SCUScanner Control Unit
SCUSupervisory and Control Unit
SCUSpray Content Uniformity
SCUSociedad Chilena de Urologia
SCUShaft Control Unit
SCUSelector Checkout Unit
SCUSlider Control Unit
SCUStandard Commercial Use
SCUSpecial Ceremonial Unit
SCUSimulator Control Unit
SCUService Creation Unit
SCUStand-alone Computer Unit (US Army)
SCUSignaling-System Control Unit (ITU-T)
SCUSystem Capability Upgrade
SCUSherwood Credit Union
SCUSetter Control Unit
SCUSafety Council University
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A compelling narrative packed with piercing insights, Scales on War: The Future of America's Military at Risk is a well-earned tribute to the military personnel who shoulder the weight of victory or defeat on the battlefield and a cogent and persistent argument that future conflict will demand more than ever before in our history from small combat units. Written principally for US policymakers but immensely useful for the wider defense community, Scales on War reminds readers those who do most of the dying overseas--the infantry--often also, and ironically, suffer at home from resource neglect and thin advocacy.
The morality of a small combat unit is perhaps the most ancient of the four moral perspectives we see in the film.
This fact has once again brought the close fight to our small combat units. They have to know more about their immediate battlespace, both friendly and enemy, and apply that knowledge quickly.
It is about improving the education, training and equipment of Marines in small combat units."
Both served as marines in Vietnam and contrast the way small combat units fought in the two conflicts.
He keeps the commanders, the high strategies and the "big picture" in focus, but essentially his is a tale of small combat units fighting endless, intricate actions in places that are hard to find on any map.
The focus should be on prolonged low-intensity conflict and on systems tailored for small combat units, he said.
To a greater and different degree than any other type of organization, small combat units are predicated on complementarity and unquestionable mutual trust.
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