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SJSt. Joseph (various organizations)
SJSocial Justice (various organizations)
SJSociety of Jesus (formal name for Jesuits, Roman Catholic Order of men)
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SJSmall Job
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SJStatens Järnvägars (railroad company in Sweden)
SJStupid Jerk
SJSemaine Judiciaire (French: Legal Week; Swiss publication)
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SJSelective Jettison
SJSurface Search Radar for Submarines (US Navy)
SJSemi Jacketed (bullet type)
SJScintilla Juris (fraternity)
SJShivan Juggernaut (Freespace 2)
SJSvedkove Jehovovi (Czech: Jehovah's Witnesses)
SJSmart Jewelers
SJSupport Jamming
SJShop Joint (design engeeniering)
SJSack Jacket
SJShrinkage Joint
SJSpiffy Juice (website)
SJStuffing Jitter
SJSitara-E-Jura'at (The Star of Gallantry awarded to Pakistan Armed Forces)
SJSwanley Junction (railway station; UK)
SJSievers' J-Value (engineering/geology)
References in classic literature ?
By the way, I've got a small job for you, if you'll help me."
Pyncheon's message, the carpenter merely tarried to finish a small job, which he happened to have in hand, and then took his way towards the House of the Seven Gables.
“I had a small job up at the Judge’s in that way; it was, however, but a trifle to what it might have been, had it gone through the body.
You made some small job in my lady's room--you and your confederate Cusack--and you managed that he should be the man sent for.
(iii) For each vertex v [member of] V(T), let T[S.sub.l](v) be the total processing time of the small jobs with delivery time [[xi].sub.l] in J(v).
It saves time, is perfect for small jobs and touch-ups, and offers CARC protection for our military men and women."
Window cleaners told us they would do a small job for a fiver - while a company in Birmingham said that with travel costs it would cost them up to pounds 100 to do it.
The ergonomic handle has a slight curvature to maneuver easily in different welding positions, which is required in small job shops or during light welding.
An elderly well-to-do gentleman has contacted Kinsey Milhone, a 30-something private investigator, to handle a small job. Not her typical prospective client, Nord Lafferty is seeking to hire Kinsey to transport his only child, 32-year-old Reba, home from the California Institute for Women.
Don't try to fold yourself into a small job if you're already too big for it.
'Sometimes women will hire me to do a small job that takes 10 minutes when all they really want is a bit of company.
It's no small job to renovate a high-rise building.