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This time it was a small package, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon.
Each separate portion we immediately rolled up in the bit of silk prepared for it, and joining them all together into a small package, I committed them, with solemn injunctions of fidelity, to the custody of Toby.
Poking and burrowing into the heaped-up rubbish in the corner, unfolding one and another document, and reading the names of vessels that had long ago foundered at sea or rotted at the wharves, and those of merchants never heard of now on 'Change, nor very readily decipherable on their mossy tombstones; glancing at such matters with the saddened, weary, half-reluctant interest which we bestow on the corpse of dead activity -- and exerting my fancy, sluggish with little use, to raise up from these dry bones an image of the old towns brighter aspect, when India was a new region, and only Salem knew the way thither -- I chanced to lay my hand on a small package, carefully done up in a piece of ancient yellow parchment.
Everything could be put into small packages, including the tents and food supply.
"People are dying out there" from synthetic opioids arriving in small package imports.
The company previously held a majority position in an express services joint venture, which exclusively served UPS's international express small package shipping business in India.
The company said, "UPS's goal for the freight and small package agreements has been to reward the company's employees for their contributions to its success while enabling the business to remain flexible to meet its customers' needs.
Global transportation and logistics power UPS reported that Jim Barber has been appointed COO and will assume responsibility for the company's global small package, freight, supply chain and freight forwarding units and engineering.
by Courtesy of Brandpoint Strawberries pack a lot of healthy properties into a small package.
The LTM4636 40-A step-down pModule switching regulator features 3D construction for quicker heat dissipation and cooler operation in a small package. By stacking its inductor on top of a 16-mm x 16-mm BGA package, the LTM4636 benefits from the exposed inductor as a heat sink, permitting direct contact with airflow from any direction to cool the device.
As your colleagues in transportation management are well aware, 2015 is the year "dim weight' pricing for small package and less-than-truck-load shipments will be making a significant impact on unsuspecting budgets.
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