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SQGSmall Quantity Generator
SQGSediment Quality Guideline
SQGSoil Quality Guidelines (various organizations)
SQGSoftware Quality Group (NIST)
SQGSociété Québécoise de Gériatrie (French: Quebec Geriatrics Society; Canada)
SQGSouthport Quilters Guild (Wisconsin)
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The Company's primary focus is on serving small quantity generators of hazardous waste fluids in manufacturing plants, auto repair facilities, auto body repair shops, fleet operators, dry cleaners, and a variety of other businesses.
Allowing small quantity generators to avoid a higher generator status when generating episodic waste--EPA would allow a CESQG or an SQG to maintain its existing generator category in the event of either a planned or unplanned episodic event in which the CESQG or SQG generates a quantity of hazardous waste in a calendar month that would otherwise bump the status into a more stringent generator regulatory category.
Under the proposed regulations, small quantity generators (SQGs) and LQGs no longer need to count HWPs towards the facility's hazardous waste generator calculations.
Small quantity generators which produce less than 100 kilograms per month have 180 days for removal once the 100 kilogram limit has been met.
The three waste tire grants, which will be used to continue local waste tire collection programs for small quantity generators of wastes tires, went to:
In addition to restrictions on land disposal, and the inclusion of small quantity generators (SQGs) in the hazardous waste regulatory scheme that was summarized above, HSWA created the new regulatory program for underground storage tanks (also described above).
The document is organized by the status of hazardous waste generating industries (large quantity generators, small quantity generators or conditionally exempt small quantity generators) for quick reference.
SureCycle Systems provides waste management services primarily to small quantity generators throughout Texas.
The EPA established new requirements that brought small quantity generators who generate between 220 lb and 2,200 lb of hazardous waste in a calendar month into the hazardous waste regulatory system.
In general, there are three categories of hazardous waste generators: Fully Regulated Generators (FRGs), Small Quantity Generators (SQGs), and Conditionall Exempt Generators (CEGs) (1).
Under federal law, there are two categories of hazardous waste generators subject to waste minimization requirements: large quantity generators (those who generate 1000 kg or more of hazardous waste per month) and small quantity generators (those who generate 100-1000 kg of hazardous waste per month).
Bolivar County received a $40,360 waste tire grant to continue the local waste tire collection program for small quantity generators of waste tires.
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