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sRNAsmall RNA
sRNASaskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association
sRNASoluble Ribonucleic Acid
sRNASoluble RNA
sRNASrpska Republika News Agency (Serbian: Serbian Republic News Agency)
sRNAStudent Registered Nurse Anesthetist
sRNASociété Royale Nautique Anversoise (French: Antwerp Royal Nautical Society; Antwerp, Belgium)
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JHI potato geneticist Dr Csaba Hornyik said: "Our study demonstrated the relevance and importance of small RNAs in gene regulatory networks controlling key crop traits."
Samples were pooled at random for total RNA isolation, small RNA (sRNA) library construction, and sequencing.
Optimization of extraction of circulating RNAs from plasma--enabling small RNA sequencing.
To study the impact of Adv infection on cellular small RNA expression in pneumonia children, deep sequencing of small RNAs was performed in our study.
Three polyA sites (# 605212, 627827, and 582464) lying within 500 nt of loci giving rise to very large numbers of small RNA molecules (not-overlapping any polyA site) were omitted to obtain a clearer picture.
Biotech company SomaGenics Inc announced on Tuesday the expansion of its small RNA analysis IP protection via the issuance of three new patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office as well as an expected patent from the European Patent Office.
But he found them by testing a class of small RNAs, called small interfering (si)RNAs, scientists use to suppress gene activity.
The research revealed how small RNA molecules can work with other cell signals called transcription factors to generate specific types of neurons, in this case motor neurons.
The Tuschl group reported an RNA--ligase-dependent bias in sequencing experiments of small RNA cDNA libraries (16).
The study out of the ( Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, detailed the tests that were done to assess the effectiveness of a mix of transcription factors, proteins involved in transcribing RNA, on small RNA molecules.
Elucidation of the small RNA component of the transcriptome.
Four small RNA libraries were generated from the roots of one year's planted (free of replanting disease) and 2-4 years' continuous cultivation (replanting disease) R.
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