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SRHSexual and Reproductive Health
SRHSelf-Reported Health (public health)
SRHSouthern Region Headquarters (US NOAA)
SRHSafely Remove Hardware
SRHService des Ressources Humaines
SRHSupporting Radical Habits (clothing & music)
SRHStiftung Rehabilitation Heidelberg (German: Heidelberg Rehabilitation Foundation; Heidelberg, Germany)
SRHShockley-Read-Hall (recombination/statistics)
SRHSinging River Hospital (Pascagoula, MS)
SRHSir Rowland Hill Ltd. (Germany)
SRHSmall Rural Hospital (classification)
SRHSociété des Régates du Havre (French: Regatta Society Havre; Havre, France)
SRHSelf Regional Healthcare (South Carolina)
SRHSyndicat des Radiologues Hospitaliers (French: Union of Hospital Radiologists; est. 1994)
SRHSomatotropin Releasing Hormone
SRHSociete de Refinancement Hypothecaire (French: Mortgage Refinance Company; Algeria)
SRHStoners Reeking Havoc
SRHSupport Radical Habits
SRHSperm Retention Headache
SRHSubretinal Hemorrhage (bleeding under the retina)
SRHStoners Reaking Havoc
SRHState Registered Hairdresser (UK)
SRHSlow Reversal-Hold (PNF technique)
SRHStoners Reek Havoc (Kottonmouth Kings album)
SRHSociété Royale d'Harmonie
SRHSpanton Residence Hall (University of Akron)
SRHSequential Rough Handling
SRHSecret Raccoon Handshake
SRHStepped Rectangular Horn (antenna)
SRHSo-Cal Ruthless Hardcore
SRHSanta Rita High School (Tucson, AZ)
SRHSiem Reap Airways, Cambodia (ICAO code)
SRHSaints Reeking Havoc (gaming)
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Together we have achieved some great wins for our small rural hospital.
An EN at Dunstan Hospital in Clyde, Ann Moore, spoke on the challenges and rewards of providing end-of-life care in a small rural hospital.
For example, a small rural hospital positioned above the market average may draw a more distinct set of patients and physicians than those hospitals located at the market average.
Similarly, the more severely ill tended to choose rural Hosptype 7, the farther-away small rural hospital, over Hosptype 6 more often than the less severely ill did.
As a small rural hospital, Randolph's role is to stabilize cardiac cases and then transfer them quickly to East Alabama Medical Center, which is a full service hospital with total cardiac capabilities.
The Coalition believes that the small rural hospital provider-based clinic can serve as a model for providing primary and preventative health care services to the rural citizens and establish ongoing relationships between such patients and primary care providers.
Under the first model (with physician(s) onsite), it might be difficult to distinguish the MAF from a small rural hospital in most practical respects.
Fitch believes the CAH designation enhances the ability of a small rural hospital to receive an investment grade rating.
Management has divested unprofitable facilities or business lines in the past including a small rural hospital and a nursing home, and this is viewed favorably by Fitch.
Eilidh McIntosh's daughter Skye ended up being delivered in a small rural hospital in Golspie, 50 miles from the maternity unit in Inverness where she was heading.
The small rural hospital environment, with limited medical, clinical and administrative support services, impacts on nurse staffing and nurse workloads (Baumann, Hunsberger, Blythe, & Crea, 2006; Havens, Warshawsky, & Vasey, 2012; Hegney, 2007; Sullivan, Hegney, & Francis, 2012; WA Country Health Service (WACHS), 2011).
Team 1 (n = 6) came from one small, rural hospital in Southwestern Ontario; Team 2 (n = 5) from another small rural hospital.