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SBFTSmall Bowel Follow Through (X-ray procedure usually following upper GI)
SBFTSino-British Fellowship Trust (UK and China)
SBFTSystemic Behavior Family Therapy
SBFTSkin Blood Flow of the Thigh
SBFTSchoolie Bluefin Tuna
SBFTSuperiorly Based Flap Tracheostomy (upper airway obstruction)
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Small bowel follow through detected Crohn's disease in only 2 of the 14 patients, Dr.
Nine of the negative small bowel follow throughs had a positive video capsule endoscopy, and none of the patients with a positive small bowel follow through had a negative video capsule endoscopy," said Dr.
The findings suggest that capsule endoscopy and CT enterography are effective for diagnosing nonobstructing small bowel Crohn's disease and may be useful in cases of suspected Crohn's disease, even when standard tests such as small bowel follow through are negative.
These studies show that capsule endoscopy is a useful tool in the diagnosis of Crohn's disease, avoids radiation associated with small bowel follow through procedures and provides a higher diagnostic yield.
The study concluded that capsule endoscopy and small bowel follow through are similarly useful in the diagnosis of Crohn's disease, but clinically significant disease may be missed by small bowel follow through.
Peter Bloom of Emory University, compared capsule endoscopy to conventional techniques including colonoscopy with ileoscopy and small bowel follow through for the evaluation of patients with known or suspected non-stricturing Crohn's disease.