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STBSurface Transportation Board (US DOT)
STBStrut Tower Brace (automotive)
STBStarboard (vessel)
STBStriped Bass (FAO fish species code)
STBSociété Tunisienne de Banque (French; Tunisian bank)
STBSuper Tropical Bleach
STBStrictly The Best (reggae/dancehall compilation)
STBScotland the Brave
StBStatni Bezpecnost (State Security Service; former Czechoslovakia)
STBSouth Temperate Belt (Jupiter)
STBSaint-Thomas Basket (basketball team; France)
STBStrategie, Technologie en Beleid (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
STBSoftware Technical Bulletin
STBSun Trust Bank
STBShort-Term Brands
STBSciences et Techniques Biologiques (French: Biological Sciences and Techniques; France)
STBStart of Text Block
STBSurveillance Testbed
STBScan True Bearing
STBSignal Training Brigade
STBShanghai Taxation Bureau
STBStructured Trade Builder
STBSchlemmer Test Bed
STBSpecial Tax Basis
STBSupport Training Battalion (Army)
STBSymbian Tower Battles (mobile game)
STBShoot the Bullet (game)
STBSingle Transferable Ballot
STBStudent Transportation, Inc. (stock symbol)
STBShot to Bits (band)
STBScottish Tourist Board
STBSpace-Time Block (coding scheme)
STBBachelor of Sacred Theology (religious order)
STBStock Tank Barrel (oil industry)
STBSlovenian Tourist Board
STBSteal This Book (book)
STBSpanning Tree Bridge
STBSteal the Bacon (game type)
STBSoon To Be
STBScandinavian Tourist Board (various locations)
STBSaid to Be (pedigree)
STBSpecial Troops Battalion
STBShort-Term Borrowing (finance)
STBSimpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP (law firm; various locations)
STBStandard Trust Bank
StBSimplifying the Business (International Air Transport Association)
STBSimply The Best (computer peripheral manufacturer)
STBSet Top Box (VCR, cable box, other TV appliances)
STBSingapore Tourism Board
STBSammlung Bauaufsichtlich Eingeführte Technische Baubestimmungen (German)
STBSeverance Tax Bond (New Mexico)
STBSpin the Bottle
STBSumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. (Japan)
STBScience and Technology Base
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3) when there are smaller-the-better, larger-the-better and nominal-the-best characteristics to be optimized;
Second, when the adjustment factor is used to bring the mean on target, the direction in which the quality characteristics are improved should satisfy the objective of smaller-the-better and larger-the-better cases simultaneously.