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SPNSolo Para Niños (Spanish: Kids Only; search engine)
SPNSolitary Pulmonary Nodule
SPNService Principal Name
SPNSpecifications (TMINS)
SPNSupernatural (TV show)
SPNSpecialty Pharmacy Network (various locations)
SPNSlo-Pitch National (sports)
SPNSource Port Number
SPNSony Pictures Network
SPNSubstitution Permutation Network
SPNSuperficial Peroneal Nerve (anatomy)
SPNService Provider Network (Los Angeles, CA HIV prevention and care)
SPNStreptococcus Pneumoniae
SPNSociety of Pediatric Nurses
SPNStochastic Petri Net
SPNSocial Psychology Network
SPNSmart Protection Network
SPNSymantec Protection Network
SPNSubstitution-Permutation Network
SPNSindicato dos Professores do Norte (Northern Teachers' Union; Portugal)
SPNService Provider Name
SPNSymbian Partner Network (mobile phones)
SPNSpecific Procurement Notice
SPNSports Performance Nutrition
SPNShortest Process Next (scheduling algorithm)
SPNStimulus Preceding Negativity (psychology)
SPNSurat Perbendaharaan Negara (Indonesia - Treasury Bills)
SPNSuccessful Practices Network
SPNSatellite Program Network
SPNService du Patrimoine Naturel (French: Natural Heritage Service; National Museum of Natural History; Paris, France)
SPNSecure Private Network
SPNScottish Property Network
SPNSports Podcast Network
SPNShared Processing Network
SPNSuspect Parameter Number
SPNStudent Practical Nurse
SPNShipment Performance Notice
SPNStandard Precision Navigator
SPNSouth Pacific Division-San Francisco District (USACE)
SPNStrategic Partnership Network (finance)
SPNStretch Performance Network (oil and gas industry)
SPNShift-Pulse Network
SPNServicios Postales Nacionales SA (Spanish, Colombia)
SPNSoftware Project Notebook
SPNSequential Phase Number
SPNSignal Processor/Processing Network
SPNSafe Petri Net
SPNSimplest Possible Number
SPNShipboard Radar Navigation
SPNSuperline Partners Network (Japan)
SPNStart Production Notice / Stop Production Notice
SPNSimple Purchasing Network
SPNSpare Part Number (electronics)
SPNSponsor Program Number
SPNSaipan, Northern Mariana Islands - Saipan International Northern Mariana Isles (Airport Code)
SPNSwitch Panel Network
SPNSubliminal Psychic Network (band)
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The report released by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network noted that online banking malware victims in first quarter of 2013 around the world numbered 112,981.
Trend Micro Smart Protection Network already blocks the related domains and links, as well as block the particular email from even reaching users' inboxes.
Trend Micro bases much of its report findings on data collected across its cloud-based Smart Protection Network for global threat intelligence.
"A recent Trend Micro Smart Protection Network report cites the number of computers infected with malware in the Middle East at more than two million, including 800,000 in the GCC and nearly 100,000 in Dubai alone.
Otra tendencia es el computo en la nube, que se usa como herramienta de seguridad con Smart Protection Network.
As Trend Micro continues to extend the delivery of security from the cloud, customers of our products continue to benefit in real-time -- rather than having to wait for the next update -- as the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network improves its security response.
Trend Micro's Smart Protection Network ™ technology can see how many computers are active on the internet.
By accessing Trend Microa[euro](tm)s continually updated reputation databases over the Internet, response to threats is faster than with conventional security software.</p><p>The Smart Scan engine also works with local indexes and caches, as well as heuristics and behaviour monitoring technologies, all of which reside on the customera[euro](tm)s PC, which means the usera[euro](tm)s data is still protected when the PC is offline.</p><p>The solution also leverages the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure that operates discreetly in the background, analysing files and Internet activities for threats.</p><p>In addition, the product offers faster scan times, as well as lower memory and CPU usage.
According to the company's Smart Protection Network technology, which can monitor the number of infected machines in the region, infected PCs increased by 116 percent last year.
<p>In response, Trend was one of the first companies to push reputation-based technology into its antivirus products, developing its Smart Protection Network to identify and block not just viruses themselves, but also the malicious Web sites that are used to distribute malware.
The product is powered by the Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network, a cloud-client security infrastructure that correlates Web and email threat data by using reputation technologies that compare threats against in-the-cloud threat databases.
Powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, a next-generation cloud-client content security infrastructure designed to protect customers from Web threats, Trend Micro Threat Management Solution will help customers achieve: