SMSUSouthwest Minnesota State University (Marshall, Minnesota)
SMSUSouthwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University MSU)
SMSUSystem Manager and Super User
SMSUSmith Memorial Student Union (Portland State University; Oregon)
SMSUSenior Management Support Unit
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Tommy Burnett's program at SMSU and Ozzie Burke and Charlie Bokelman at Texas A&M are great examples of this.
For SMSU, we chose the Book solution pack so its newsletters could be displayed online in the same manner as one might read a book.
The next day I signed a contract to become an accounting instructor at SMSU.
After rent issues couldn't be ironed out, SMSU evicted Three Rivers in February from the higher education centers in Malden, Kennett and Sikeston.
Although the News-Leader regularly covers SMSU sports, having the team reach the final "Sweet Sixteen" round was something they had not expected.
For extra redundancy, SMSU connects the server farm to a Cisco 2926 switch and also to the router at the network nucleus.
SMSU officials had claimed that releasing the reports would violate the Buckley Amendment and prompt a loss of federal funding.
4) An enhancement of the training and experience of the SMSU students involved in "Opera Viva" by their direct involvement in interactive and interdisciplinary learning and in community outreach and public Affairs.
These comments tended to be very favorable and indicated that students felt that they had learned to use Macintosh computers as well as learning about the SMSU Libraries while taking the course.
SMSU officials, and their counterparts around the country anxiously watching the proceedings, had to be embarrassed by court testimony that revealed there were other reasons the reports were kept secret.
However, in his opinion, Judge Clark wrote, "Concerning the factual allegation that defendants have a history of concealing incidents of crime occurring on campus, there was credible testimony that, in the past, SMSU has concealed or destroyed evidence of contraband and failed or refused to release selected criminal investigation and incident reports concerning sex offenses, student athletes and university personnel.
Currently more than 16,000 students in grades 3-12 learn in 675 eMINTS classrooms in 195 school districts throughout Missouri plus Greenwood School on the SMSU campus and St.