SNZNSilent Night, Zombie Night (movie)
SNZNTin Zinc
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The former consisted of those classified as Pb type ([+ or -] Ca, and/or P), Sn type (containing predominantly Sn), Zn type (composed almost exclusively of Zn), SnZn type, Sb-containing type, SbPb type, and "other metal" particles (Cu-, Ni-, Cd-, or Mn-containing).
Ag, Au, NiPd, NiPdAu, but no tin) e5 SnZn, SnZnX (no bismuth) e6 Contains bismuth e7 Low-temperature solder (<150[degrees]C) containing indium but no bismuth e8,e9 Symbols are unassigned categories at this time
Pb-Free Solder Paste Comparisons Alloy Preference Liquidus Temp Disadvantages SnAgCu Most suitable 217 to 220[degrees]C Higher melting point SnZn Attractive 199[degrees]C Short shelf-life SnBi Attractive 138[degrees]C Brittle and sensitive to Pb contamination
Abstract: A copper substrate was coated with SnZn lead-free solder (SnZn9 and SnZn8Bi3), and the following corrosion tests were performed: salt mist, gas corrosion and weathering.