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SNARKSRI's (Stanford Research Institute's) New Automated Reasoning Kit (SRI International)
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A spirit of creativity unites the Floor of Discovery, from shopping to dining to Snark Park's imaginative exhibitions," said Related Companies Retail Specialist Esty Ottensoser.
Naturally, this leads to some truly entertaining online snark battles, where 9mm supporters often resort to saying, "It all comes down to shot placement," as though this ends the discussion.
--Chip Berlet, "The Great Right Snark Hunt," S/01992
When Americans learned that Tom Hanks's son, Chet Haze, was an aspiring rapper, many reacted as you'd expect of a generation reared on snark, swagger, and social media and told the young man, in no uncertain terms, what he ought to go and do with himself.
Straus responded with a bit of snark: "It's encouraging to see the lieutenant governor's newfound focus on school finance reform," he said in a news release.
Lay off the anti-Cali snark. Who knows, if The Donald turns out to be another "peace candidate" in the not-so-grand tradition of W.
Still, the spur-of-the-moment curtness and snark that occasionally befalls even the most thoughtful emailers is completely absent.
The book is a quick, fun read that's light on science and heavy on snark (not to mention a lot of anthropomorphizing).
AS far as eye-poppingly perfect productions are concerned, Sherman Cymru's summer show - The Hunting Of The Snark ticks all the boxes - and some that possibly haven't been invented yet.
There's a certain level of snark and a degree of non-traditional approach."
Van Gaal is a revered football coach, for all the social media snark and newspaper ribbing he has attracted during his time at this drifting, stalled Manchester United.
However, both presaged the Navy ship and submarine-launched Regulus I and the Air Force land-launched Matador, Mace, and Snark cruise missiles of the 1950s.