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SABRSociety for American Baseball Research
SABRSneak Attack by Roger (Roger Federer; tennis)
SABRScalable Agile Beam Radar (active electronically scanned array; Northrup Grumman)
SABRSelectable Assault Battle Rifle
SABRSeacoast Area Bike Routes (Portsmouth, NH)
SABRSpace Age Body Refreshment (beauty equipment)
SABRStereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (radiation treatment)
SABRSpecial Assessment Baseline Review
SABRSet Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
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He introduced the Sneak Attack By Roger (SABR), where would rush off the baseline to quickly return his opponent's second serve, this aggressive style helped him shorten points and avoid injury.
This summer in Cincinnati, he introduced with a bull rush of a service return that was quickly called the SABR, for Sneak Attack by Roger. On an opponent's softer second serve, he raced in, taking the ball on a half-volley at the service line and, when it worked, taking his opponent by surprise.
The world No.2 has become the Fred Astaire of Flushing Meadows, his loose, nimble footwork a feature, and the sly old dog has even introduced a rush-the-net attack on second serve that has been labelled SABR - Sneak Attack By Roger.