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SNOSudbury Neutrino Observatory
SNOSakon Nakhon, Thailand (Airport Code)
SNOSecond Network Operator
SNOSocietà dei Neurologi, Neurochirurghi e Neuroradiologi Ospedalieri (Italy)
SNOScienze Neurologiche Ospedaliere
SNOSociété Nautique de l'Oise (France)
SNOSenior National Officer
SNOSport Nautique de l'Ouest (France: Water Sports West)
SNOStatement of No Objection
SNOSaturday Night Oldies (radio show)
SNOSubject Named Officer
SNOSystem Node Opérator
SNOSenior Noncommissioned Officer
SNOSpin Natural Orbital
SNOSenior Neighborhood Officer (Oregon)
SNOSpecial Naval Operation
SNOStudent Nurse's Organization (various locations)
SNOScuderia Non Originale (Italian car club; California; est. 2004)
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Sno won two league titles at Celtic before leaving to join Dutch giants Ajax in 2008.
When we would get our hands on a package of Sno Balls, we would tear into them like rabid squirrels.
This article will show the chronological evolution of the SNO Program and the different phases the program has undergone.
Particularly, at a 600[degrees]C substrate temperature and 45 and 60 min deposition time, some significant amount of SnO phase was detected.
About 50 percent of the hotels participated in the promotion, and each received a complete Sno Cone promotion kit, which included a menu, a Sno Cone machine and Sno Cone Cart featuring each hotel's brand name, a supply of cups and spoon straws, a Monin starter kit with the five needed flavors and assorted Midori merchandise, such as hats, T-shirts and sunscreen.
Sno joined Celtic from Feyenoord in 2006, after impressing on loan for NAC Breda.
While SNO took nearly 17 years to conceptualize and build, work on SNOLAB began a few short years ago in anticipation of the completion of the SNO project.
Since neutrinos are detected at SNO by a heavy-water Cerencov counter, a precise knowledge of the neutrino-deuteron reaction rates is very important for quantitative interpretations of the data.
The results showed that the cytotoxic response of SNO cells was highest in cells treated With 34.
These results confirm initial SNO findings presented last June (S&T: September 2001, page 18) but are even more convincing.
The first SNO results were detected through the SuperKamiokande detector at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research of the University of Tokyo in Gifu Prefecture.
The line will be distributed by Sno Shack Frozen Foods, Wells' exclusive marketing partner in India.