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SNOBSSociety of Nordic Barbershop Singers
SNOBSSociety of Northeast Ohio Brewers (Cleveland, OH)
SNOBSShiny New Object Syndrome
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But the same pen that wrote sharply and satirically about snobs, wrote loving letters in big round hand to his dear daughters, who were living far away in Paris.
The Book of Snobs brought Thackeray into notice, and now that he was becoming well known and making more money, he once more made a home for his daughters, and they came to London to live with their father.
It was in Punch that his famous "Snob Papers" appeared.
Enterprising young housekeepers are measuring the looking-glasses and hangings to see if they will suit the new menage (Snob will brag for years that he has purchased this or that at Dives's sale), and Mr.
He was a snob, and so conceited, and he did say such unkind things."
And then there came to my mind, in a sudden, brilliant flash upon the screen of recollection the picture of Ajor as I had last seen her, and I lived again the delicious moment in which we had clung to one another, lips smothering lips, as I left her to go to the council hall of Al-tan; and I could have kicked myself for the snob and the cad that my thoughts had proven me--me, who had always prided myself that I was neither the one nor the other!
Yet a new Birmingham city centre nightclub is just that - the high-class version of iconic Brum nightspot Snobs.
Theatrix on Colmore Row opened last night - and is actually run by the people behind Snobs.
"Do you have treasured memories of Snobs Night club?", the piece asked.
Ask anyone and they will tell you I'm not a snob, but that's only if you ask anyone who matters.
Thirdly, there is a historic word for the PR term Job Snob, and that is "slavery".
I AM writing for the first time as a snob! David Gorton says so ("I don't see what all the fuss is about", YouSay, August 2).