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SNORStudent National Origin Report (California Department of Education)
SNORSaturday Night Online Racers
SNORSoyuz Nauchnych Obshchestv Rossii (Association of Scientific Societies of Russia)
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5) 'Protesto que fazem os officiais moradores, e mais Pouvo destas Ilhas de Solor e Timor asinados ao Illmo Snor Bpo de Malaca Dom Frey Manoel de Santo Antonio, para paz, sucego, quietacao e conservagao destas Ilhas de S.
Lurid stories Deayton, 54, e fuelled romps w At first the BB and he kept his job pilloried by the show Ian Hislop and Paul Then another all Herbert, told a ne star had snor least f fro Daas Then another alleged lover, Stacy Herbert, told a newspaper how the star had snorted cocaine on at least five occasions in front of her.
Despite the variety of treatment options available, the literature suggests that 10 to 40% of patients treated for snor ing report unsatisfactory results.