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Tenders are invited for snow water equivalent measurement sensor
Keywords: MODIS BRDF/Albedo, Snow water equivalent, Snow depth, Snow density, Snow covered area, Himalaya.
3-month standardized snow water equivalent (SWE) index (SI) classification for Jan, Feb, and Mar during (top) winter 2015 and (bottom) winter 2017.
Caption: Figure 4: Regional averages of TWSA, soil moisture anomaly (SMA), snow water equivalent anomaly (SWEA), precipitation, and temperature in the entire ANC.
where SM,SWE,GWL are soil moisture, snow water equivalent and groundwater level, respectively.
Lauknes, "InSAR for estimation of changes in snow water equivalent of dry snow," IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol.
In this paper, soil moisture and snow water equivalent simulated from Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS) are removed from the TWS changes observed by GRACE to estimate the groundwater variations and characterize their interannual variability.
By April 22, the amount of water stored in the snowpack, called the snow water equivalent, was well below the 1981-2010 median.
Solid precipitation, snow cover, snow water equivalent, snowstorms, icing, and river-, lake-, soil-, and sea-ice freeze-up and breakup times are components of weather forecasting in cold-climate regions.
Given that all three parameters of Snow water equivalent (SWE), Cprecip, and Talar-Cprecip represented the effects of snow in the model, they were added to the input pattern 2 so that the input patterns 3, 4, and 5 were obtained for comparison purposes.
Many previous efforts have been put into the use of passive microwave sensors (e.g., AMSR-E, AMSU, and TMI) for detecting snowfall or snow cover and retrieving snow depth, snow water equivalent (SWE), or snowfall rate [8-13].
Winter Period Estimated elk numbers Snow water equivalent (m) 2009 1 9675 5.8 2008 1 8570 8.3 2007 0 9241 1.7 2006 1 8849 15.6 2005 0 12861 1.9 2004 0 11138 1.4 2003 0 12420 1.1 2002 0 15926 1.7 2000 0 19315 2.1 1998 0 15785 4.2 1994 0 25453 3.3 1993 0 23693 1.2 1992 1 19702 15.8 1991 1 13654 6.3 1990 0 20550 5.9 1989 1 14961 20.5 1988 0 25368 1.7 1987 0 23343 1.2 Winter No.