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While I have some problems, big and small, with his book, Alterman does make a strong case that the so-called liberal media (which he annoyingly abbreviates as SCLM) is not so liberal after all.
The net result of the so-called liberal media's abdication of its constitutional role--together with an active campaign of deception by the right-wing media, on Fox and elsewhere--is a nation voting in profound ignorance of what its votes will mean.
Are they so cowed by attacks on the So-Called Liberal Media (SCLM) that they feel the need to empower their tormentors?
It so happens that linguist Geoffrey Nunberg did the necessary heavy lifting to disprove perhaps the one contention in Bernard Goldberg's book Bias the so-called liberal media felt compelled--perhaps out of misplaced generosity--to accept: that the media tend to label conservatives as such more frequently than alleged liberals.