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SO4Star Ocean: the Last Hope (video game)
SO4Star Ocean 4 (computer game)
SO4Shout Out Out Out Out (Canadian band)
SO4Superior Oblique 4 (cranial nerve)
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For example, there were discrepancies between Galet's ampelographic descriptions of 99 R and SO4 and those in the U.C.
Iron(III) stock solution (0.1 M) was prepared by dissolving 4.822 g of NH4Fe(SO4)212H2O in HCl solution (0.15 M).
One sulphate containing soluble salt was used as like CO3-2, UO2+2 ion also complexes with SO4 view the concentration of uranium in the ore that is only ~0.07 % U3O8, 4 g/L of each salt was used along with a fixed amount (0.5 g/L) of hydrogen peroxide as oxidizing agent.
Potassium carbonate; K2CO3, hydrocloric acid; HCl, metyl alcohol; CH3OH and alum (potassium aluminum sulphate); KAl(SO4)2.12H2O were purchased from Merck (Darmstadt, Germany).
He has pulled 20 acres already for replanting and another 70 acres is due for reworking soon, using virus-free SO4, 11OR and 3309 rootstocks.
The adsorbed S was estimated as the difference between KH2PO4-extractable SO4-2-S and the CaCl2-extractable SO4-2-S [17] while the soil organic S was estimated as the difference between total S and CaCl2-extractable SO4 -S [42].
In this experiment, a series of magnetic solid acid catalysts SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4 (SCFZ), SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-MgO (SZM), SO4 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-TiO2 (SZT) and SO4 /ZrO2-Fe3O4-ZnO (SZZ) were prepared respectively.
According to the literature [10], before TiO2 was impregnated with SO4, the vibration peak of Ti-O was at 650 cm, but after impregnating with SO 2-, this peak shifted to a lower frequency, 616 cm-1 as illustrated in SFT spectrum of Fig.
Cabernet Sauvignon grapevine (V vinifera L.) was grafted on fifteen rootstocks, namely Rupestris du Lot, 101-14 Millardet et de Grasset, 3309 Couderc, 420A Millardet et de Grasset, 5BB Kober, 161-49 Couderc, SO4, 1103 Paulsen, 99 Richter, 110 Richter, Gravesac, Fercal, Dogridge, Isabel and Solferino (local name of an unknown rootstock).
A total of 21 parameters namely, temperature, pH, EC, TDS, DO, Turbidity, Ca, Mg, Na, K, NO3, SO4, Total Hardness (TH), Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Cr, Pb, Cd and Ni were ascertained for this study.