SOCDStatistical Operations and Coordination Division (Philippines)
SOCDSimultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions (fighting game community; controllers)
SOCDSummary of Control Deficiencies (accounting)
SOCDSatellite Oceanography and Climatology Division (US NOAA)
SOCDSource Control Drawing
SOCDSee Operational Concepts Document
SOCDServer on CD
SOCDSerious and Organised Crime Department (UK)
SOCDStatement of Capability Deficiency (Canada)
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Two self-report scales measuring SOCD symptoms and stress were used to collect data from 377 adults selected through simple random sampling technique, proportionately distributed across gender, marital and employment status.
Comorbidity of high level of SOCD symptoms and high level of stress was seen 34%.
Conclusion: Significant prevalence and comorbidity exists between SOCD symptoms and stress and more studies addressing diverse population are needed.
Thus, although Red soils had a low SOC content (arithmetic mean 0.59%), their SOCD was as high as 4.83 kg C [m.sup.-2].
As the leaching and mineralisation intensity weakened along this gradient, the mean SOC content and mean SOC density of A-horizon soils increased; from Latosols to Latosolic Red soils to Ted soils, SOC content increased from 0.94% to 1.08% to 1.52% respectively, whereas SOCD increased from 0.91 to 2.15 to 2.53 kg C[m.sup.2] (Table 3).
Lindsey Miller, head of the SOCD, said: "The confiscation order represents all money and equity in property available."
SOCD = H x [rho] x SOC x (1 - [[delta].sub.2]mm/100) x [10.sup.-1]
Only isotropic semivariograms were considered, and semivariance parameters for spherical or exponential models are reported for SOCD, STND, and STPD; and spatial distribution of SOCD, STND, STPD, and soil moisture using Surfer 7.0 (Golden Software, Inc., Golden, CO).
For an individual profile with n layers, the total SOC content by volume (SOCD) was calculated as the modified Wu's method (Wu et al.
where n is the number of soil layers, 0.58 is the Bemmelen index that converts organic matter concentration to organic carbon, TC is SOCD (in Kg [m.sup.-2]) over depth, [D.sub.i] is the thickness of layer i, [B.sub.i] is the bulk density (g [m.sup.-3]) of layer i, and O[M.sub.i] is the content of organic matter.
SOCD (measured in kg [m.sup.2]) at each sampling site was calculated using Eqn 1 :
A semivariogram model (Webster and Oliver 2001) was used to quantify spatial variations in SOCD at all locations sampled using geostatistical methods.