SOCDSimultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions (fighting game community; controllers)
SOCDSummary of Control Deficiencies (accounting)
SOCDSatellite Oceanography and Climatology Division (US NOAA)
SOCDSource Control Drawing
SOCDSee Operational Concepts Document
SOCDServer on CD
SOCDSerious and Organised Crime Department (UK)
SOCDStatement of Capability Deficiency (Canada)
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KEYWORDS: Comorbidity, Employment Status, Marital Status, Prevalence, SOCD, Stress.
In case of subclinical samples, a general prevalence of SOCD has been observed as 12.
Overall, very few empirical investigations concerning SOCD had been carried out.
A spherical model best characterised the structure of the semivariograms for SOCD and STPD, and an exponential model for STND.
As shown in Figs 2 and 3, the changing trends of SOCD, STND, and STPD were opposite to that of soil moisture, i.
Spherical models for SOCD and STPD and an exponential model for STND best characterised the structure of their semivariograms.
SOCD generally decreased with depth in soil profiles in both FLWP and EBFZ, with the highest values 2.
In addition, there was also a significantly negative correlation between SOCD and soil pH, which supported the conclusion that the closed wetland had lower C storage, since there was higher alkalinity in the closed wetland than in the open wetland due to drought in recent years (Bai et al.
SOCD were positively significantly correlated with SOM, TN, TP and clay contents (p < 0.
For mapping the spatial distribution of SOCD in the catchment investigated, five spatial interpolation methods were used, as outlined below.
In the present study, LMM was used to represent the effects of topographic factors (elevation, slope and TWI) on SOCD for each of three land use types.
The statistical distribution of the measured SOCD was negatively skewed and had a positive peak.