SODISSolar Water Disinfection
SODISSoftware Development Impact Statement
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These two phases helped to assess the performance of BSF and SODIS for two levels of microbial contamination normally encountered i.
New work suggests, however, that adding a tiny amount of salt to turbid water causes the suspended clay particles to flocculate and sink to the bottom of the bottle, leaving clear water that can be decanted and subjected to the SODIS method.
However, by adding a little bentonite with the salt to water containing these different clays, most of the particles glom together and settle out, creating water clear enough for SODIS treatment.
El numero de muertes: infantiles por desordenes intestinales a causa del agua contaminada supera el millon y medio anual; la Fundacion SODIS promueve desde hace anos un metodo solar sencillo y barato para potabitizar el agua y reducir esa cifra.
During the course of discussion, certain Household Water Treatment methods came under consideration including boiling, using tablets, Nadi filter, SODIS and other such methods.
Industry certification: value, validity, and a place for SoDIS.
He said, facing the fiscal and energy crises, the SODIS (Improved drinking water) is a very sustainable and cost-effective water treatment option, despite its apparent shortcomings due to selectivity in elimination of harmful substances from drinking water.
typhimurium bacteria could be detected and quantified in their respective EE and RP broths when residual and domestic waters have been treated for disinfection with UV, processes of advanced oxidation, Ozonization, and SODIS, which are methods that can generate viable nonculturable bacteria due to oxidative stress.
El Metodo Sodis --abreviatura de Solar Disinfection-- fue ideado en 1979 por el profesor Aftim Acra, catedratico del Departamento de Ciencias del Ambiente de la Universidad Americana de Beirut, a partir de una observacion casual: noto que el agua que guardaba en botellas de plastico durante la sangrienta guerra civil que asolaba Libano parecia haberse aclarado despues de estar cierto tiempo al sol.
At the same time it will demonstrate that Sodis is an effective, appropriate and acceptable intervention against waterborne diseases.
A SoDIS analysis was performed as a post-audit on a data warehousing project for a large organization.