SoFFinSonderfonds Finanzmarktstabilisierung (financial markets stabilization fund)
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A Soffin spokeswoman declined to comment on the report, calling it speculation, Reuters said.
Under the resurrected SoFFin, which Germany's cabinet agreed on Wednesday, bank supervisor Bafin will be able to send a special envoy to check whether a lender has sufficient plans to raise capital.
He said shares could extend gains if sufficient transparency can be delivered so investors can make their own calculations of the risks, and if the recapitalisation mechanisms such as Spain's FROB, Germany's SoFFin and a wider European Financial Stability Facility are available for struggling banks.
In return for the guarantee, banks must pay a cash charge out of future profits to SoFFin.
It added that this number accounts for the funds approved by SoFFin and Allianz in 2009 as well as the announced sale of a portfolio of Collateralised Debt Obligations previously owned by Dresdner Bank to Allianz.
Volkswagen Financial Services and Volkswagen Bank have applied for loan guarantees through Soffin, the government-led Financial Market Stabilisation Fund, company spokesman Dietmar Kupisch reportedly said in a telephone interview.
This is an extremely complicated project, obviously, and we requested a 90 day delay when it became clear that dealing with the financial crisis had delayed both our staff and our lawyers in finalizing the papers," MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin said.
Related has signed a series of agreements called a conditional designation letter, and has paid $11 million into escrow, said Jeremy Soffin, an MTA spokesperson.
Just because most people have knowledge of a set of stereotypes does not imply that they agree with them (Devine, 1989; Jussim, Nelson, Manis, & Soffin, 1995).
Rabbi Joel Soffin and 18 other volunteers partnered with members of Temple Sinai and Temple Shalom in New Orleans to perform insulating, dry walling, spackling, and taping of destroyed homes.
Only one study directly tested this mediational effect (Jussim, Soffin, Brown, Ley, & Kohlhepp, 1992, Study 3).