SOHRSexual Orientation and Human Rights (Detroit Lakes, MN)
SOHRStatement of Health Response
SOHRSyrian Organisation for Human Rights
SOHRSense of Humor Required
SOHRSuccessful Out-of-Hospital Resuscitation
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The SOHR noted that over 1,730 truck carrying US military aid have been sent to Eastern Syria by the US for SDF.
The attack, for which no one has claimed responsibility, was preceded by a bomb explosion that left several people wounded in another part of the city frequently targeted by the Islamic State group, said the SOHR.
The SOHR is a documenting body , which is collecting data from a network of informants about human rights violations across the conflict.
Nine other people were wounded, some in critical condition, SOHR said.
En entrevista con Proceso, Sohr expresa que "no esta claro si el avion cruzo algun segmento de territorio turco, pero si ello ocurrio debio ser algo insignificante".
SOHR, an independent voluntary organisation monitoring violations of human rights in Sudan, was conducting a training workshop for journalists and activists on human rights reporting.
Sohr, thanks to the relocation of several major employers to the area.
Both accounts were reported by SOHR, who could not confirm the source of the killings.
It is to be noted that SOHR has a network of monitors on the ground, and keeps records of the names of those killed in the violence.
SOHR called for the cancellation of the sentences and for a retrial where international standards of justice can be used.
The SOHR noted that a sum of 1,010 trucks carrying military equipment have been sent to Eastern Syria by the US during the last few months since it declared the end of the military operations against the ISIL in Eastern Euphrates by the US and its allies.
ALEPPO (TAP) - Syrian rebels attacked a Syrian government security building in Aleppo on Wednesday, bombing it and then launching a ground assault, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.