SoLMServants of the Lord Ministries
SoLMSuns of Liberty Mint (Tamworth, NH)
SoLMState of Lake Michigan
SoLMSource of Light Ministries (Madison, GA)
SoLMSisters of Our Lady of Mercy (Catholic group; various locations)
SoLMSpirit of Life Ministries (Hallandale Beach, FL)
SoLMSenior Officials of Law Ministries
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The International Association for Great Lakes Research hosted the SOLM Conference, a biennial event dating back to 1999.
The SOLM presented in this paper, supports students developing their own successful learning pathways, guides students beyond their school's scientific studies, and links with their personal contexts throughout life to promote successful citizens into the future.
Ese es tambien el caso de Mark Solms y Oliver Turnbull, creadores del neuropsicoanalisis, quienes tienen como proyecto dar una fundamentacion neurocientifica experimental a las tesis centrales del psicoanalisis, es decir, integrar psicoanalisis y neurologia.
2013; Herath and Rao, 2009; Johnston and Warkentin, 2010; Safa, von Solms, and Furnell, 2016), it is still unclear why issues of non-compliance to security policies arise in the first place.
Por otro lado, el objetivo de asegurar la informacion esta, en cierta medida, en conflicto con los objetivos comerciales normales de maximizar la productividad y minimizar el costo; la seguridad se ve a menudo como perjudicial para los objetivos empresariales porque hace que los sistemas sean menos utilizables (Niekerk y Solms, 2009; citado en Van Niekerk & Von R.
In addition, there has been research on anti-phishing education with university students as the target group (Jansson & von Solms, 2013; Yang et al.
Kenny Solms tells the story of his rise to prominence and his continuing career in the world of comedy writing in his humorous memoir, Bits.
Information Security Governance consists of the management commitment and leadership, organizational structures, user awareness and commitment, policies, procedures, procedures, processes, technologies and compliance enforcement mechanisms" (Von Solms, 2005, p.
Jamil, Chromium-induced biochemical changes in Eichhornia crassipes (Mart) solms and Pistia stratiotes L.
Wave president and CEO Bill Solms said in a comment that the divestment is part of his company's strategy to concentrate on its core business goals.
Joan Raphael-Leff then presents a reflection on the development of the February SAPI (South African Psychoanalytic Initiative) conferences which have been held by Mark and Karen Solms annually for the past decade.
The South African neuropsychologist Mark Solms had observed in earlier studies that lesions in these two brain areas led to a cessation of dream recall.