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SOBORSociété Belge d’Orthodontie (Belgian Orthodontic Society)
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Abstract: After a brief introduction to the historical context that led the Russian Orthodox Church to convene the Sobor, the Council of 1917, this paper deals with Aleksiey Khomiakov's concept of sobornost' by placing it in the context of the SchmittPeterson debate.
Aunque esporadicamente el gobierno central pudo consultar a los representantes de los grupos sociales (por ejemplo, en la Asamblea de febrero de 1549 -el Sobor del apaciguamiento- o en la Asamblea de 1566), hasta la extincion de la Dinastia Rurikida (que gobernaba las tierras rusas desde el siglo ix hasta el ano 1598) no surge la necesidad de buscar legitimacion adicional.
In the new post-Imperial era its tsarist statuary was replaced by Bolshevik heroes; its magnificent eighteenth-century Ekaterininsky Sobor torn down.
In February 2004, at the initiative of my Church, the World Russian People's Sobor (Assembly) adopted The Code of Moral Principles and Rules in Economy, which was offered to the state, entrepreneurs and workers.
Unlike western religious pictures, which sympathize with humanity (the Madonna's tear) and clearly illustrate meaning, the icons are partially concealed by their coverings of precious metal, so that they live "im stillen Silber," and the light of clarity is "Seken im Sobor.
Together with "a genuine religious revival among the new generation" and the "rediscovered concept of togetherness, or sobornost" (appropriately, the "Russian word sobor means a gathering, community and cathedral"), such revived cultural memories help to provide what Burke termed the 'collective texture' out of which identity is woven (n.
4) Despite some success in religious matters as demonstrated in the great Orthodox Christian Church Sobor of 1917-18, Bolshevik repression of all things spiritual firmly squelched any continued growth of sobornost' in the new Soviet Russia.
Sometimes roughly translated as 'conciliarity' - a Sobor is a church council - it became popular in nineteenth-century Russian writing about the Church, and Litvack quotes Sergius Bulgakov's definition of it as 'unity in multiplicity, a symphony in which many motives and voices are harmonised'.
Mikhail Gorbachev is "the greatest traitor," and SOBOR hopes "to reward him as he deserves.
One of the strongest of the groups to emerge in recent months is the Russki Nationalni Sobor (Russian National Assembly) headed by (former KGB general Alexander) Sterligov.
Shchenikova, Blagoveshchenskii sobor Moskovskogo kremlia (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1990), figs.
I roi'r cefndir i chi, mae 'na grantiau go lew i'w cael am sgwennu nofelau ar gyfer oedolion, ond mae'r tal ar gyfer llyfrau plant wedi bod mor sobor, mae awduron profiadol yn aml yn gwrthod ystyried eu sgwennu.