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SOCCASpecification Of Coordinated and Cooperative Activities
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KARACHI: The organizers of mini-football of five-, six-, and seven-a-side competitions have formed a global body under the name "International Socca Federation (ISF)' in order to regulate the game's affairs around the world and organize global tournaments.
The SOCCA draws directly upon the Commonwealth's national security laws--control orders for individuals are only made once their membership of, or association with, a 'declared organisation is established.
Panisses, like their more substantial uncut cousin, the socca, are light, fluffy chick-pea fritters which are best enjoyed outdoors being nibbled with a glass of something chilled and the company of good friends.
THE flower market in Nice exudes all the aromas of the Cote d'Azur, from the fragrance of lavender and hibiscus to the sizzling of pizzas in the oven and socca singing over the charcoal.
The old town's street vendors offer salad nicoise, socca - a delicious pancake made from chickpeas, and fresh pizza.
Andrews, right, has been left out of the Ibrox team in recent weeks but international team-mate Jason Scotland reckons that can benefit the Socca Warriors in Germany.
The famed stall Chez Theresa serves the local speciality, socca, a kind of pancake made of chickpeas, flour and water, for a couple of euros - and it's a good people-watching spot.
For the veggie set there are chickpea crepes ($5) called socca cakes, and a fine roasted eggplant dish ($6) with a lilting tomato and sweet pepper paste and toast to spread it on.
A brief description of the sign applied to the building is followed in each case by explicit indications on how to signal: blaecern [88, 'lamp'], bedreaf [89, 'bedcover'], pyle [90, 'pillow'], swyftlera [91, 'slippers'], socca [92, 'socks'], sceona [93, 'shoes'], heafod pwean [96, 'wash one's head'], waeter [97, 'water'], sape [98, 'soap'], naegelsyx [99, 'nail knife'], camb [100, 'comb'], hemepe [101, 'shirt'], braec [102, 'underpants'], wynynga [103, 'leg bands'], hosa [104, 'stockings'], pylece [105, 'pelisse'], cugle [106, 'cowl'], scapular [107, 'scapular'], glofa [108, 'globe'], scearra [109, 'scissors'] and naedle [110, 'needle'].