SOCEStatement of Changes in Equity (accounting)
SOCEStore-Operated Calcium Entry
SOCESociety of Concurrent Engineering
SOCESchool of Continuing Education
SOCESchool of Construction and the Environment (British Columbia Institute of Technology; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
SOCESchool of Civil Engineering
SOCESexual Orientation Change Effort
SOCESuper-Orthogonal Convolutional Encoder
SOCESummary of Clinical Experience Form (UK; National Health Service)
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litigation against SOCE may improve the quality and acceptability of
protection and SOCE because it accounts for the high likelihood of SOCE
caused by their SOCE practices, (22) major weaknesses exist within state
Last October, Comelec CFO found 785 candidates who failed to file their SOCEs in two or more elections and are facing perpetual disqualification cases.
New Jersey has also seen judicial action regarding SOCE, but from individuals opposing conversion therapy practices and seeking reparations for services performed on them by therapists employing SOCE methods.
This Note will focus on the constitutional impact of state statutes banning SOCE practices on minors, specifically looking at the effect on free speech.
Practitioners working in a variety of professional capacities use SOCE on patients who seek to change their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual.
practices and has issued reports concluding that SOCE is ineffective and
individual patients subjected to SOCE practices, many of whom describe
13) The legislation establishes that using SOCE therapy
real-life counterparts that provide SOCE through residential (3) and
Cruz's article, the national debate about SOCE and the acceptance