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SOCERState of the Cetacean Environment Report
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When I play socer I try to take the ball away from them and kick it into the net, then my team get a point, then we win.
In her view, members of this generation entered upon their careers at a time when the terms of Roman politics were defined by the reputations of Pompey and Caesar: these two redoubtable generals (especially Pompey) had set heretofore unimagined standards for gloria and dignitas, a state of affairs that incited the young to excessive ambition; however, in its reaction to the meacing success of the socer generque, the Senate (an illdefined entity here) endeavored to prohibit extraordinary commands and other such abbreviated avenues to fame and prestige.
Milan were the only team in action at the weekend, beating Whitley Coast Socer 2-1 in the Pin Point Challenge Shield.
ISTANBUL, Nov 1, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey's Besiktas socer team is set to play on Thursday Portugal's Porto in an away game in the UEFA Europa League Group L.
Octavia Marcellum, cui et avunculus et socer incumbere coeperat.
Tanto pio che protagonisti della vicenda sono, da un lato, Ettore, uirfortis et ciuis optimus, nonche amicus di Enea; dall'altro Priamo, qui fuerat grauioris aetatis, potestatis regiae, cuius imperium per infinita tempora cum omni felicitate floruerat, oltre che socer dello stesso Enea, padre di cosi gloriosi figli, avo di tanti nipoti, ora ridotto al rango di supplice e di meschino (18).
Yet he was one of the three "wise" men to whom the FA turned yesterday as they sought support for the extraordinary act that has plunged socer into heated and emotional turmoil.
Yet in the light of the discussion so far, one can hardly fail to recognize Catullus' invective against Caesar and Pompey, the infamous socer generque (29.