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We then present the decision modeling technique and its effect on decreasing social desirability response bias. Finally, we empirically evaluate the effect of entrepreneurial self-efficacy on the intention to pursue an entrepreneurial career.
However, direct surveys are susceptible to the effects of social desirability response bias (Fisher, 1993), which is the result of the unfortunate human propensity to present oneself in the best possible light.
A valuable remedy utilized by researchers to alleviate the consequences of social desirability response bias is by the application of an indirect questioning methodology.
social desirability response bias. However, on average only one
positive social desirability response bias. The problem is one of
which there is a positive social desirability response bias, the number
The role of social desirability response bias in turnover research.
Role conflict and ambiguity scales: An evaluation of psychometric properties and the role of social desirability response bias. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 43, 957-970.
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