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SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SIPSingle Inline Package
SIPSavings Investment Plan
SIPSerial Interface Protocol
SIPSystem(s) Integration Plan
SIPSystem(s) Implementation Plan
SIPState Implementation Plan (EPA)
SIPStructural Insulated Panel (construction)
SIPSchool Improvement Plan
SIPSystematic Investment Plan (finance)
SIPSociedad Interamericana de Prensa (Spanish: Inter-American Press Association; Miami, FL)
SIPSpecial Interest Project (various organizations)
SIPSystem in a Package
SIPSystem Integrity Protection (security)
SIPSchool Improvement Partner (UK)
SIPSystem Informacji Przestrzennej (Polish: Spatial Information System)
SIPSpanish, Italian and Portuguese (various schools)
SIPShare Incentive Plan
SIPSummer Internship Program
SIPSecond Intermediate Period
SIPScience in Parliament (various locations)
SIPStay-In-Place (engineering construction)
SIPSystem Idle Process (computing)
SIPSoftware in Partnership (est. 2002)
SIPSuzhou Industrial Park (Suzhou, China)
SIPSoftware India Pvt. Ltd.
SIPStill in Progress
SIPSickness Impact Profile
SIPScsi Interlocked Protocol
SIPSpa Interface Processor
SIPSystem in Package
SIPSupplementary Input Panel
SIPSignal Image Processing
SIPSession Internet Protocol
SIPSystem Initialization Program
SIPSource Ip
SIPSpecial Interest Publication
SIPSerial Interface Processor
SIPSystem Idle Process
SIPSimple Ip
SIPSingle Inline Processor
SIPSignaling Point
SIPSwords into Plowshares
SIPScience Internship Program (University of California, Santa Cruz)
SIPSterilization in Place (drug/medicine production)
SIPSpanish Immersion Program (education)
SIPSoft Input Panel
SIPSteam in Place
SIPSilicon Intellectual Property
SIPSchool Improvement Partner (UK education)
SIPSurgical Infection Prevention
SIPSeat Index Point
SIPSPA Interface Processor (Cisco)
SIPSafety Improvement Plan (various organizations)
SIPStation Information Profile (radio)
SIPSMDS Interface Protocol
SIPShelter In Place
SIPSpecial Interest Publication (publishing)
SIPStrategic Investment Program (Australian government)
SIPSocial Integration and Participation (various organizations)
SIPSubmission Information Package
SIPSociety for Invertebrate Pathology (Knoxville, TN)
SIPSemiconductor Intellectual Property
SIPService Information Portal (software)
SIPSingle Inline Package (semiconductor industry)
SIPSimple Internet Protocol
SIPSocial Inclusion Partnership
SIPStochastic Integer Programming
SIPStable-Isotope Probing
SIPSystem Improvement Plan
SIPSocial Information Processing
SIPState Industrial Products
SIPService Improvement Program
SIPShelter Implementation Plan
SIPSignal Input Port
SIPSystem Improvement Program (SINCGARS)
SIPStrategic Implementation Planning (various organizations)
SIPSystem Improvement Program
SIPSignal/Image Processing
SIPSecure Internet Programming (Princeton University)
SIPStickler Involved People
SIPSabic Innovative Plastics
SIPScale Irrigation Project (various organizations)
SIPSchool Intervention Program (various schools)
SIPSocietà Italiana di Psichiatria
SIPSociedad Interamericana de Psicologia
SIPSustainable Industrial Production
SIPSeasonal to Interannual Prediction (World Meteorological Organization)
SIPSindicato de Industriales de Panama (Spanish: Panamanian Industrialists Society, Panama)
SIPStructured Investment Product
SIPSession Invitation Protocol (Internet conferencing, telephony)
SIPSchools Integration Project
SIPStrongly Implicit Procedure
SIPSoftware Installation Plan
SIPStudent Internship Programme
SIPStrategic Inflection Point
SIPSelf-Inspection Program
SIPStandard Interchange Protocol (3M delevolped data transfer protocol for library systems.)
SIPState Implementation Program
SIPSurf in Peace
SIPServer Interface Pod (Dell/Avocent)
SIPScientific Instrument Package (gaming)
SIPSales Incentive Plan
SIPSosyalist Iktidar Partisi (Party of Socialist Power; now Türkiye Komünist Partisi)
SIPSystem Implementation Plan
SIPStreamlined Inspection Program
SIPShut-In Pressure
SIPStatistical Inference Package (mathematics)
SIPStandard Inspection Procedure
SIPShareholder Investment Program (various companies)
SIPService Implementation Plan
SIPSimferopol, Ukraine - Simferopol (Airport Code)
SIPSector Investment Programmes
SIPSocietà Idroelettrica Piemonte
SIPShip In Place
SIPSerial Interface Processor (Cisco)
SIPStructural Integrity Program
SIPStandardization Instructor Pilot
SIPSooner If Possible (Similar to ASAP)
SIPSouthern Independence Party
SIPSpace Interferometry Mission
SIPSafer Internet Plan (various organizations)
SIPStructural Improvement Program (various organizations)
SIPStatistically Improbable Phrase (
SIPSymbolic Input Program
SIPSpontaneous Intestinal Perforation (newborn condition)
SIPSite Implementation Plan
SIPSINCGARS Improvement Program
SIPSingle Integrated Picture
SIPStaff Inspection Program (US Army)
SIPSeparation Incentive Pay
SIPSystem Integration Plan
SIPSenior Inspector of Police
SIPStrain Isolation Pad
SIPSecurity Investment Program
SIPStandard Interface Panel
SIPSimulated Input Processor
SIPSCSI Interlock Protocol
SIPStatewide Implementation Program
SIPStay in Prayer
SIPSoftware Integration Plan
SIPSystem Initialization Table
SIPSupport Information Package (USAP)
SIPSociété Interaméricaine de La Presse (French: Inter American Press Society)
SIPSoul Influenced Product (nightclub in Geneva, Switzerland)
SIPSpecial Investigative Panel
SIPSprint Internet Passport
SIPSafety Implementation Plan
SIPStation Independence Program (PBS)
SIPSoft Intellectual Property (integrated circuit designs)
SIPSoftware Improvement Program
SIPSatellite Interceptor Program
SIPSegment Interface Protocol
SIPStationary Inflection Point
SIPSmart Installment Plan (Citibank, Pakistan)
SIPSemporna Islands Park (Malaysia)
SIPStation Information Packet
SIPStability Improvement Program
SIPScanner Interface Processor
SIPSystems Integration Panel
SIPSOGS Invocable Procedure
SIPStop Internet Plagiarism
SIPSystems Infrastructure Project
SIPStandard Initial Provisioning
SIPStochastic Information Packet
SIPStates Inventory Project
SIPScientific Investigations Plan
SIPSatellite Image Processor
SIPSelf-Igniting Phosphorus
SIPShield Isolation Point
SIPShuttle Interface Panel
SIPSACLANT Intelligence Plan
SIPShip Instrumentation Package (US Navy)
SIPSignal Inline Package
SIPSeniors Info Plus
SIPSMDC Interface Protocol
SIPSystem Implementation Posture (system documentation)
SIPSite Investigation Planning
SIPSynchronized Interleaved Polling (Sprint)
SIPStep Increase Program
SIPSite Information Processor
SIPSystems Intelligence Products Co., Ltd (Japan)
SIPSubstituent Interaction Parameter
SIPSmall Inverse Problem
SIPSubsystem Implementation Plan
SIPStatus Indicator Panel
SIPSystem/Ship Improvement Plan/Program
SIPSecurity Improvement Process
SIPSystems Integration and Protection
SIPSubmission Input Processing
SIPStandard Installation Plan
SIPStaging Initiation Package
SIPSpecial Intelligence Processing
SIPSinge Inline Pin
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Keywords: social information processing, preschoolers, early school success, self-regulation, emotion knowledge
The Parent Questionnaire, the Home Interview with Child and the Child Behavior Checklist were used to assess parenting behaviors, children's social information processing and their behavioral problems, respectively.
As far as Pakistan is concerned only one research has been done in this area and that research was primarily a comparative study of the social information processing styles of aggressive and non aggressive children (Mushtaq, 2007).
Social Information Processing: This sub-dimension of the scale, which is concerned with human relations, measures skills such as understanding verbal and nonverbal messages, establishing empathy and deciphering the hidden messages in the language of people (sample item: "I can often understand what others are trying to accomplish without the need for them to say anything").
Keywords: social information processing, positive parenting, negative parenting
Social information processing (SIP) theory proposes that work attitudes and behaviors are largely the result of processing information from the social environment rather than individual predisposition (Salancik and Pfeffer, 1978).
The primary focus of this study was to investigate the association between instrumental and emotional aggression and bullying behavior using the social information processing model and the research of Sutton et al.
Knowledge structures, social information processing, and children's aggressive behavior.
Social information processing refers to a collective human activity through which organized knowledge emerges from the actions of and interactions among large numbers of users.
The kids most at risk of bringing a pattern of serious childhood aggression into adolescence are those who have developed a chronic pattern of bad behavior and violating the rights of others, kids who might be described as meeting the criteria for what mental health professionals call "conduct disorder." Research on the links between "risky thinking" reveals that the odds that a child will develop conduct disorder reflect the intersection of being abused and having lower levels of social information processing (being hypersensitive to negative social information and oblivious to positive social information, as well as having very limited ideas of alternatives to physical aggression as a social tactic and carrying around the belief that aggression is a successful social tactic).
He said cognitive-behavioral therapy works with the social information processing mechanism to help people deal with interactions.
The relation between exposure to violence and social information processing among incarcerated adolescents.
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