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SIOPSingle Integrated Operational Plan (US military)
SIOPSheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
SIOPScalable Input Output Project
SIOPSociété Internationale d'Oncologie Pédiatrique (International Society of Pediatric Oncology)
SIOPSingle Integrated Operation Plan
SIOPSales & Inventory Operations Planning (sales demand forecasting & operations planning operation rates & resources)
SIOPSocial Infrastructure Operational Programme (various locations)
SIOPSCSI I/O Processor
SIOPStrategic Integrated Operations Plan
SIOPSociety for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.
SIOPStructural Improvement of Operational Aircraft
SIOPSecure Identification Operating Procedure
SIOPSupplier Interface and Oversight Program
SIOPSociété Industrielle de l'Ouest Parisien (French: Industrial Company of Paris West; Paris, France)
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Sale and purchase agreement to acquire a complete implementation of siop 2.2.8 / 14 social infrastructure operational programme infrastructure developments on key project facility, conditional tender procurement procedure hemodynamic testing equipment.
By the contracting authority under the New Hungary Development Plan for Social Infrastructure Operational Programme "Infrastructure development in health promotion poles~ brought TIOP-2.2.7/07/2F of code calls for" Kecskemet Medical Center - Bacs-Kiskun county model of an efficient health care system, "SIOP -2.2.7/07/2F/2-2009-0004.
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