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SINSpecial Item Number (lists GSA contractor service and/or product requirements)
SINSocial Insurance Number (Canada)
SINSir Isaac Newton
SINStrength in Numbers
SINSistema Interligado Nacional (Portuguese: National Interconnected System, Brazil)
SINSafety In Numbers
SINSilicon Nitride
SINSubstitute It Now (International Chemical Secretariat)
SINSpecial Item Number
SINSocial Insurance Number
SINSerial in
SINServicio de Inteligencia Nacional (Spanish: National Intelligence Service; Peru)
SINServicio de Impuestos Nacionales (Spanish: National Tax Service; Bolivia)
SINSocietà Italiana di Nefrologia
SINScientific Information Network
SINSinaloa (Estado de) (México)
SINSocietà Italiana di Neurologia
SINSpanish International Network
SINShadow in the Night (song)
SINNorthern Sinai (Egyptian automobile license plate)
SINSpeech in Noise (audiology)
SINServicio de Inteligencia Naval (Spanish: Naval Intelligence Service; Argentina and Chile)
SINSecurities Industry News
SINShadaloo Intimidation Network (gaming)
SINSatan's Identification Number
SINSingapore, Singapore - Changi International Airport (Airport Code)
SINStop Islam Now
SINSouth Australian Sex Industry Network
SINSelf Inflicted Nonsense
SINStatus Indicator Normal (telecommunications)
SINSuperconductor-Insulator-Normal Metal (aka Normal Metal-Insulator-Superconductor)
SINSubstance Identification Number (United Nations)
SINService Identification Number
SINService Interruption Notification (various organizations)
SINScottish Islands Network
SINStatus Indication Normal Alignment (SS7)
SINSelf-Implementation Notice
SINSynthetic Infant Nutrition (formula)
SINSystem Identification Network
SINSupport Information Network
SINSelf Induced Negativity
SINScwerezeresches Institut für Nuklearforschung (Switzerland)
SINStudy Item Number
SINStock Inventory Number
SINStandard Inventory Number
SINSpherically Integrated Nearfield
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Such data can include name, date of birth, mother's maiden name, social insurance numbers, personal health numbers, birth certificates, passports, driver's license and credit card numbers.
After six weeks, she has not been told how much she will be paid -- the manager said the company has not yet calculated her tax liability, despite having her social insurance number -- but she has been told that she will receive no annual leave, sick pay or 13th salary.
"Within days we helped the newly arrived sister acquire a health card, social insurance number and language assessment to help in educational upgrading," Fourney explains.
He also faces a provincial charge for using a false social insurance number (SIN) to land the job.
Anyone who has noticed how often one's Social Insurance Number is requested will recognize function creep.
Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and Saskatchewan Health Minister Dustin Duncan, today announced the Bundled Birth Service which will give Saskatchewan parents the option to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Canada child benefits for their newborn at the same time that they register their childs birth.
- Facilitate the maintenance of the social insurance number in the systematic users of the number,
to expose 140,000 Social Security numbers, 80,000 bank account numbers, and 1 million Social Insurance Numbers was for a rogue developer to infiltrate a single cloud server.
Roughly 6 million Canadian customers also were impacted, Capital One said, with about 1 million Canadian Social Insurance numbers compromised.
For our Canadian credit card customers, approximately 1 million Social Insurance Numbers were compromised in this incident.
One million Canadian social insurance numbers could also be compromised as part of the breach. 
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