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SSRCSocial Science Research Council
SSRCSynchronization Source (telephony, real-time control protocol)
SSRCSynchronization Source
SSRCSocial Science Research Committee (UK)
SSRCStructural Stability Research Council
SSRCSpace and Science Research Center (Orlando, FL)
SSRCSiberian Synchrotron Radiation Centre
SSRCShip Stability Research Centre
SSRCSocial Sciences Resource Center (Stanford University; California)
SSRCSevere Storms Research Center (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
SSRCSociety for Protective Coatings (Pittsburg, PA)
SSRCSpeech Science Research Centre (UK)
SSRCSustainable Systems Research Center
SSRCScientific Studies and Research Centre (Damascus, Syria)
SSRCSpace Systems Research Center (US Air Force Academy)
SSRCStandard Software Requirements Contract
SSRCScripps Survey Research Center
SSRCSoftware Sampling Rate Conversion
SSRCShip's Support Requirement Code (X-RIC)
SSRCSurface Science Research Centre (University of Liverpool; UK)
SSRCSync Service and Reply Circuit (AT&T)
SSRCSavannah Spill Response Corporation (Savannah, GA)
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Collaborators: San Diego Supercomputer Center; Stanford University Computer Science Department and Sun Microsystems, Inc.; New York University's Tamiment Library; Stanford University Library's Social Sciences Resource Center; Arizona State Library and Archive; and the University of California libraries, including the University of California at Los Angeles Online Campaign Literature Archive and University of California at Berkeley's Institute for Government Studies Library and Institute of Industrial Relations Library
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