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SSABSocial Security Advisory Board
SSABSite-Specific Advisory Board
SSABSvenskt Stål Aktiebolag (Swedish Steel Corporation)
SSABStudent Society for the Advancement of Biometrics
SSABSuperfund Site Assessment Branch (US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; environmental contamination)
SSABSocial Science Advisory Board (National Center for Women & Information Technology)
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Not only is Hal Daub the president and chief executive officer of the American Health Care Association, and the chair of the Social Security Advisory Board, he's also a former Republican member of Congress.
Daub is a former mayor of Omaha, a four-term Nebraska congressman, and the current chairman of the independent, bipartisan Social Security Advisory Board, a position he will retain while at AHCA/NCAL.
(2.) Six members of the 13-member Advisory Council advocated investing a portion of the trust fund in equities [see Findings, Recommendations, and Statements of the Social Security Advisory Board (pp.
86) of the 1994-1996 Social Security Advisory Board.
Social Security Advisory Board, 1994-1996, Findings, Recommendations, and Statements (Washington, D.C.: The Social Security Administration).
He was also appointed in 2002 to a six-year term as chairperson of the Social Security Advisory Board by Pres.
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