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Disability: A worker who qualifies for Social Security disability benefits (qualifications and approvals or rejections are determined by a federal judge of the Social Security system) will receive those benefits as long as he or she is disabled, up to full retirement age, when disability benefits cease and retirement benefits begin.
Other less satisfactory approaches to a reduction or elimination of the benefits are also used, such as a rider that totally eliminates benefits if any Social Security disability benefits are received (e.
Social Security disability benefits are available only for severe disabilities.
In May 2007, Odell applied for Social Security disability benefits.
As one would expect, the medical and vocational requirements for Social Security disability benefits often are easier for people to meet than is the case with private disability policies.
Individuals who are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits also qualify.
5 billion in military retirement pay plus veterans and Social Security disability benefits at the same time, congressional auditors report.
1) It was found that one of the 20 received improper Social Security disability benefits while simultaneously working for the Social Security Administration as a legal secretary.
Under that law, same-sex couples--even those legally married under state law --can't access Social Security disability benefits, housing and food stamp benefits, and military service benefits.
While the original conception of "disability" required proof of a permanent disabling condition of "indefinite" duration, there is little question that the current disability standard for Social Security disability benefits has become "more liberal"--some would say dramatically so--over time.
Because the definition of disability SSA uses is strict, it's hard to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.
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