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SSoASocial Security Old Age
SSoASpiritual School of Ascension (Lihue, HI)
SSoASad State of Affairs (band)
SSoASecure Service Oriented Architecture (MetaSecure Corporation)
SSoASenior Staff Officer Administration
SSoAShooting Stars Over Alabama (motorcycle club)
SSoASubsurface Ocean Area
SSoASubscription Services of America, Inc. (Bellmore, NY)
SSoASecret Society of Assassins (gaming clan)
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For the Social Security old age trust fund, higher life expectancy, lower birth rates and stagnant immigration together pose a serious threat to Social Security's own long-term health, as seen in Figure 6 (below).
* 58% of recipients of social security old age pensions;
The current debate revolves around the status of the social security Old Age, Survivors, and Disabilities Insurance (OASDI) and Medicare Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Funds.
These pensions later were replaced by Social Security Old Age Assistance and Old Age Insurance.
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