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SOCSOSocial Security Organization (Malaysia)
SOCSOSpecial Operations Command South
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Iran's Social Security Organization, which provides pensions to private sector workers, is paying out far more than it has in hand and has been borrowing from banks to make its monthly pension payments.
'Later on we will look at roping in other agencies including the Social Security Organization or Takaful Malaysia Berhad, who offer similar schemes,' he told reporters at Parliament today.
Senate Bill 1753 seeks amendments to make the SSS a more viable and a more effective social security organization. It seeks to expand the investing power of SSS so it can invest in publilc-private partnership programs and in equity investments, rather than only in bonds at present.
In relevant remarks in January 2015, Managing Director of Iran's Social Security Organization Taqi Nourbakhsh and Hamoud Hussein voiced readiness to utilize their countries' potentials to expand bilateral relations.
Muscat, Apr 18 (ONA) A delegation from the Tourism Department of Irans Social Security Organization, an organizationspecialized in a number of sectors such as tours, healthcare and aviation, today started a several-day visit to the Sultanate to explore available investment opportunities in the Sultanate.
Also according to the degree of Bachelor of managers and experts in social security organization, and this suggests a moderate increase people's knowledge.
Private healthcare organizations have been expecting this new arrangement from the Social Security Organization (SGK), and it has arrived without delay.
Saeed Mortazavi as the head of Iran's Social Security Organization. The impeachment was pursued by the Parliament despite recent moves to create a more calm and cooperative atmosphere between the executive and legislative branches of power.
Social Security Organization signed a protocol that would make lives of retired people easier.
He has also been linked to the 2003 death of Canadian-Iranian photographer Zahra Kazemi and to financial improprieties at Iran's Social Security Organization.
The overall effect has been cuts of 25 to 55 percent to pensions, according to Ika, the largest social security organization in Greece.
The content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by a number of academics, The population includes all people who are covered by the social security organization in Rasht city.
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