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SSWISubsea Well Intervention (energy exploration)
SSWISource Safe Web Interface (Microsoft software)
SSWISite of Special Wildlife Interest (New Zealand Forest Accord)
SSWISevier Solid Waste Inc.
SSWISocial Security Work Incentive
SSWISo Sick with It (website)
SSWISingle Sweep Wave Identification (neuroscience)
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Training topics typically include: functional analysis, job creation/job carving, personal futures planning, Social Security Work Incentives, environmental analysis, community organizing, and a variety of nonaversive approaches for redirecting and replacing behaviors.
Chapter three reviews legislation concerning career counseling and job placement for people with disabilities; it reviews educational legislation, rehabilitation legislation, Workers Compensation, Social Security Work Incentives, The Job Training and Partnership Act, veterans rehabilitation and education, and the implications of legislation for career counseling and job placement.
* Social Security Work Incentives (work incentives explained in relation to TBI)
This past year the Job Raising program enlarged its collaborative agreement with The Development Team, Inc., managers of the federally funded project, to include a demonstration project on social security work incentives. This special project will involve approximately 100 people with MS who are currently receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits but wish to test their capacity to return to employment.
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