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SSNSocial Security Number
SSNAttack Submarine (Nuclear Propulsion)
SSNServizio Sanitario Nazionale (Italian Health Service)
SSNSimultaneous Switching Noise
SSNSilver Spring Networks (Redwood City, CA)
SSNSubsystem Number (SS7)
SSNSubsystem Number
SSNSession Service
SSNSegment Sequence Number
SSNStorage System Number
SSNSmoothed Sunspot Number
SSNSpace Surveillance Network
SSNSocial Safety Net
SSNSocial Services Network (Canada)
SSNStandard Shipping Note (trade)
SSNSenior Secured Note (finance)
SSNSoul of the South Network
SSNSuper Sports Network (German TV)
SSNSafeSeaNet (vessel traffic monitoring and information system)
SSNSocial Solidarity Network (Ireland)
SSNShip, Submersible, Nuclear
SSNStandard Study Number
SSNSecure Server Network
SSNSwitched Service Network
SSNSuprasternal Notch (anatomy)
SSNStation Serial Number
SSNSubmersible Ship Nuclear
SSNSolución Salina Normal (Spanish)
SSNSilicon Serial Number
SSNSwiss Society for Nutrition (Switzerland)
SSNSuperior Salivary Nucleus (facial nerve nucleus)
SSNSoldier Support Network
SSNSub-Surface Navigation
SSNSpecification Serial Number
SSNSynchronous Sequential Network
SSNSegment Serial Number
SSNSystem Sequence Number
SSNSwept Spot Noise
SSNSprint Service Node
SSNStreaming Sports Network, LLC (Ottawa, Canada)
SSNSense Selection Network (natural language processing)
SSNSystem Study Number
SSNSubscriber Sequence Number
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And even though schools don't require Social Security numbers to enroll students, once districts have the numbers, they can't delete them, education officials said.
When it does come time to actually purchase a policy, though, it may be necessary to provide the agent or company with driver's license and social security numbers. But consumers should first check with their state insurance department - a directory of which can be found at - to make sure that the company or agent in question is licensed to do business in the state.
Keep in mind that a new Social Security number won't necessarily be a fix-all if you've been a victim of identity theft.
For a self-insured employer that has to meet both the Section 6055 and Section 6056 standards, linking the Social Security number accuracy for both types of information reporting seems to make sense, she writes.
Anyone who in the past used a different Social Security number for a fraudulent purpose will probably not want to go back and tell the credit bureaus that he or she in fact used a fake number in a completed, especially successful, credit application.
In November, two women filed a class action lawsuit alleging a massive data breach took place within Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office involving the Social Security numbers and other private information belonging to voters statewide.
The Social Security Administration generates a list of dead people to help public agencies and private companies know when Social Security numbers are no longer valid for use.
* Identification of multiple Social Security numbers, cell phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and employer phone numbers associated with a specific bank account.
IT departments can interface with Death Index 3.0 Web Service using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or RESTful (Representational State Transfer) endpoints, using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or XML formats to build Social Security Number validation features into existing business applications.
Freeman Enterprises says she was grateful for: "They didn't get my Social Security number." It wasn't chance that kept Freeman's Social Security number safe.
In discussing a social security number system or a taxpayer ID number system, the government and ruling parties say in their tax system revision outline for 2010 that it is indispensable to correctly assess income of people to improve the nation's social security programs for people who really need help and secure the equity of income tax.
The Service released final and temporary regulations that govern the disclosure of a taxpayer's Social Security number to overseas return preparers (T.D.
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