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SNDSecretary of National Defense (Philippines)
SNDSociety for News Design (aka Society of Newspaper Design)
SNDSearch and Destroy (gaming)
SNDSanderson (Amtrak station code; Sanderson, TX)
SNDSistema Nacional de Discapacidad (Spanish:National Disability System; Colombia)
SNDSons of Northern Darkness (album)
SNDSisters of Notre Dame (religious order)
SNDSunday Nite Dinner (blog)
SNDSalzmann Nodular Degeneration
SNDSound File
SNDSmart Network Devices
SNDSymantec Net Driver
SNDSecuring Cisco Network Devices
SNDSimultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification (biological method)
SNDSupply and Demand
SNDSociety of Newspaper Design (now Society for News Design)
SNDSud Numérique Distribution (French: Southern Digital Distribution)
SNDSinus Node Dysfunction
SNDSeek and Destroy (World of Warcraft online gaming guild)
SNDStatens Nærings og Distriktutviklingsfond
SNDSociété Nouvelle de Distribution (French film distribution company)
SNDSociété Nouvelle Doresco (French: Doresco New Company; France)
SNDSwedish National Data Service (Gothenburg, Sweden)
SNDEncoded Audio Format (file extension; Sun and NeXT machines)
SNDSanitary Napkin Disposal
SNDSynaptic Net Dive (Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII)
SNDSub-Network Dependent
SNDStandardized Nomenclature Database
SNDSerpent Night Dragon (gaming)
SNDSequence Number Difference
SNDStack and Die (World Of Warcraft, online gaming guild)
SNDScoutNet Deutschland
SNDSelected Natural Diamond
SNDStatic No Delivery
SNDStudents for Nuclear Disarmament (Canada)
SNDSemi-Noisy Deterministic (communications channel)
SNDSan Diego Imperial Corporation (former stock symbol; now delisted)
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I've signed up for a course on 'Exploring Social Retailing' being offered by the Society of Newspaper Design."
1 newspaper of the country in three years," adds Giner -- who, besides having consulted for dozens of media companies in 20 countries, is a lawyer, author, newsletter editor, Web site publisher, researcher, educator, founder of Spain's Society of Newspaper Marketing and Malofiej Infographic Awards, advisor to the World Association of Newspapers, and former European director of the Society of Newspaper Design.
Last month we were designated one of the world's best-designed newspapers for our circulation size and are considered, by The Society of Newspaper Design, to be one of the top 10 in the United States for our size.
At the October convention of the Society of Newspaper Design in Indianapolis, Collins cornered Garcia just after he'd given the keynote address and showed him two copies.
Society of Newspaper Design The Newspaper Center 4075 Reston, VA 22090 Phone: (703) 620-1083
Getting elected to head national journalism organizations--as Balough did with the Society of Newspaper Design, and Carolyn Carlson and Georgiana Vines did with the Society of Professional Journalists--will raise a woman's profile too.
An inky broadsheet unrelieved by a speck of color and apparently unfamiliar with the whole 50-inch web width fad, the Press won't be picking up any awards at Society of Newspaper Design competitions.
Neal Pattison is managing editor of The Albuquerque Tribune and second vice president of the Society of Newspaper Design. This article is adapted from Dispatch, the magazine of Worldwide Publishing Consortium.
Graphic artists have the Society of Newspaper Design. The managing editor can belong to Associated Press Managing Editors Association.
* The Society of Newspaper Design offers seminars on desktop publishing and design.
The Society of Newspaper Design has named 22 newspapers from six countries as the World's Best-Designed Newspapers in its annual Best of Newspaper Design competition, which honored a total of 143 newspapers from around the world.
Training sessions at the American Press Institute, The Poynter Institute, and the Rhode Island School of Design, and Society of Newspaper Design workshops, have stressed three things:
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