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Debord, Guy 1994 The Society of the Spectacle. New York: Zone Books.
ISLAMABAD -- 'Society of the Spectacle', a month long two-person art show, concluded here Monday at Satrang Art Gallery after attracting a larger number of art lovers and students.
ISLAMABAD -- Guy Debord in Society of the Spectacle wrote: 'In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all life presents as an immense accumulation of spectacles.
The tradition of Grand Guignol theatre meets the 'society of the spectacle' (as Guy Debord called it*) in the media age.
"A not-insignificant percentage of the population has so decisively internalised the values of the market for their labour," he writes, "that the act of resculpting themselves to better meet its needs feels like authentic expression." What he says echoes a key passage in Guy Debord's visionary text The Society of the Spectacle , published 50 years ago: "Just when the mass of commodities slides toward puerility, the puerile itself becomes a special commodity; this is epitomised by the gadget ...
Pioneering works by Shigeko Kubota, Nam June Paik, Dara Birnbaum, Takahiko Iimura, Adrian Piper, Mary Lucier, and others interrogate and reenvision the relationships between bodies and technology, gender and gesture, and the society of the spectacle and its spectators.
In Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord ruminates that a second assault against class society might feature a new General Ludd, advocating the masses to 'attack the machinery of permitted consumption' (point 115).
In Society of the Spectacle, Debord (1967/1994) presciently theorized the impact of new media forms decades before the dawn of the digital age, including the impact of television and commercial advertisements on material and cultural consumption patterns.
In his book, The Society of the Spectacle, French Marxist theorist and philosopher, Guy Debord, argued that authentic social life had been replaced by the spectacle--a representation of authentic life.
There is an ominous passage in Guy Debord's 1967 treatise 'The Society of the Spectacle' that seems to sum up that condition: 'The spectacle is the guardian of sleep.' We should be vigilant.
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