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STSASomething to Shout About
STSAStilt Sandpiper (bird species)
STSASouthern Thoracic Surgical Association (Chicago, IL)
STSASelective Trigger Scan Architecture
STSAShort-time Spectral Amplitude
STSASeaman Apprentice, Sonar Technician Striker (Naval Rating)
STSASocio-Technical Systems Approach (workplace interaction)
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The socio-technical systems approach and the associated concept of semiautonomous work groups provided the basis for a number of job redesign experiments in Australia in the 1970s.
Among their topics are designing system architectures, the aesthetic context, the environmental context, the economic and political context, modular configuration, the socio-technical systems approach, organizing people for manufacturing, and design management.
adopt a socio-technical systems approach to design.
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