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SOCASouthern Ontario Cocaine Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
SOCASerious Organised Crime Agency (UK)
SOCASurvivors of Child Abuse (various locations)
SOCASouthern California
SOCASchool of Creative Arts (various locations)
SOCASouth Central
SOCASchool of Contemporary Arts (Edith Cowan University; Australia)
SOCASociology and Anthropology
SOCASoccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle
SOCASoccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle (Virginia)
SOCAStudies of the Ocular Complications of AIDS
SOCASubcommittee on Oceans and Coastal Areas (United Nations)
SOCASouthern Ohio Chamber Alliance
SOCASociological Abstracts
SOCAStudent Organizing Committee for the Arts (Stanford University)
SOCASolidago Canadensis
SOCAStudents of Caribbean Ancestry
SOCASpecial Operations Communications Assembly (US DoD)
SOCASexual Offences and Child Abuse (Australia)
SOCASaskatchewan Organic Certification Association (Canada)
SOCASouthern Orange County Alliance
SOCAShadow Oaks Civic Association (Houston, TX)
SOCAStudents of the Caribbean Association
SOCASouthern Ontario Cricket Association (Canada)
SOCAStudent Organizations and Campus Activities
SOCAStudents of the Caribbean Alliance
SOCASpecial Operations Communications Assemblage
SOCASpotted Owl Conservation Area
SOCASouthwest Ohio Computer Association
SOCASpecial Operations Control Area (NASA)
SOCASouthern California APRS
SOCASubmarine Operations Coordinating Authority
SOCASelf-Organizing Cellular Automata
SOCAState of Community Assessment
SOCAService-Oriented Computing Applications (International Conference)
SOCASeed Key-ONLY COMSEC (Computer Security) Account (US FEMA)
SOCAShuttle Operational Capability Assessment
SOCASchool of Cultural Anthropology (Star Trek)
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The affirmation and remapping of the identities, political roles and life chances of the diverse class, caste, ethnic, religious, regional, linguistic, gender and other groups mandated by encompassing political, economic and cultural trdnsitions also shaped and reshaped the social sciences and sociology and anthropology. The stamps of these structures and processes can be found in sociology and social anthropology in Nepal as well.
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With his background in sociology and anthropology, Johnston is adept at relating punitive strategies and goals to prison design in each period.
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Nine chapters address the utopian vision of community in Western thought and politics, the idea of community in classical sociology and anthropology, community in urban sociology and community studies, the rise of communitarian political thought, multiculturalism and conceptions of cultural community, radical conceptions of community associated with social movements, postmodern theories of community, ideas concerning cosmopolitan community beyond the nation-state, and the technologically-mediated virtual community.