SODDISome Other Dude Did It
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Tolver Preston [2] Olinto De Pretto [3], Fritz Hasenohrl [4,5] Frederick Soddi [6] contributed to the topic.
Tenders are invited for Package-I-Annual Maintenance and CD Repairs to 1) Shiradon Umaraj Road in Indi tq 2) Loni BK Manakalagi road in indi tq 3) Chadchan Soddi road in indi Tq 4) Chadchan Niveragi Govindapur Umaraj road in indi Tq 5) Chadchan Konkangoan to join Maharastra Border road in indi Tq 6) Chadchan Godihal Kenchanal Kerur Takali Road in indi tq 7) Chadchan Havinal Hatalli LoniBK Road in Indi tq.