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SODOSouth of Downtown
SODOSouth of the Dome (District South of the former Kingdome, Seattle, WA)
SODOSenior Offensive Duty Officer (Air Operations Center)
SODOSenior Operations Duty Officer
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Magnitude and risk factors of abortion among regular female students in Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia BMC Women's Health 14, 1-9 (2014).
The authors acknowledge all the staff members of blood bank unit, Wolaita Sodo University, Ethical Review Board for the ethical clearance, and blood donors.
The Sodo Banking Centre was designed to use less energy and water than standard buildings.
Il Sodo must deliver what amounts to an academic lesson on the novella because during the sixteenth century the parameters for this genre were not clearly delineated.
Home to the Mariners (whose owners, Nintendo, are also near Seattle), many Japanese visit SODO in order to go to the ball games and see Ichiro strutting his stuff.
Don Sodo, president of America's Charities, which has 30 clients that use its online system for workplace campaigns, including Booz Alien and six others that used it for tsunami fundraising, said online giving has undergone a "revolution" because technology lets charities reach donors quickly with appeals, and provide content about needs and real-time feedback about the impact of gifts.
La cazarria was by far the bawdiest of many 16th-century Italian treatises on sex, in this case a dialogue between Arsiccio (Vignali himself) and his sexually naive friend Sodo.
I see these Mariners bumper stickers around that say SODO MOJO.
Manager Wanda Sodo said: "Customers apply for a hospice Visa card and then can choose which one they want their money to go to.
Borghini's information was repeated by Francesco del Sodo in his manuscript on Roman churches, 83v, written ca.