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SOFASSocial and Occupational Functioning Assessment Scale
SOFASSecretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)
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So he fastened the palm-leaves to the sofas, two on each side.
And noticing a gleam of light peeping in beside one of the serge curtains, he cheerfully dropped his feet over the edge of the sofa, and felt about with them for his slippers, a present on his last birthday, worked for him by his wife on gold-colored morocco.
James Harthouse smiled; and rising from his end of the sofa, and lounging with his back against the chimney-piece, so that he stood before the empty fire-grate as he smoked, in front of Tom and looking down at him, observed:
With an effort I moved my head on the pillow, so as to look round on the other side of the sofa.
Betteredge followed him out; I went to the sofa to look at Mr.
Captain Jim lay on the sofa, with his hands clasped over the life-book, open at the last page, lying on his breast.
On the sofa Mr Verloc wriggled his shoulders into perfect comfort, and from the fulness of his heart emitted a wish which was certainly as pious as anything likely to come from such a source.
She raised its drapery, and I saw that the sofa was built of packing cases.
Before she could add another word, Lady Montbarry sprang from the sofa with the stealthy suddenness of a cat--seized her by both shoulders-- and shook her with the strength and frenzy of a madwoman.
Horace seated himself in the vacant place on the sofa.
Mrs Sparkler, lying on her sofa, looking through an open window at the opposite side of a narrow street over boxes of mignonette and flowers, was tired of the view.
The two had seated themselves on a little bumpy sofa which stood against the wall.